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Feb 18, 2013 4:30am EST
turn out to listen and catch a glimpse of the aforementioned pope. pope benedict xvi in one of his final public appearances. >> find out why you may want to really monitor what your children see. >>> wusa9 is back in two minutes with those >>> good morning. many of you are enjoying the holiday, thank you for watching us. you want to bundle up or hunker down into the covers each more because it is so cold outside. >> boy you said it. >> down to the teens in a few spots. we won't have the snow showers like yesterday. it is going to be a nice, sunny monday around here. let's talk about it. we have a cold start. here's your day planner this monday morning. president's day 2013. temperatures starting out in many cases a few upper teens right now. as we head toward the afternoon hours, we are not going to have the showers around. temperatures will be climbing into the low 40s with lots and lots of sunshine today. lots of sunshine. pittsburgh down to 10, 18 new york, providence 16. they have a bunch of snow here in eastern massachusetts. richmond on down to 21. we are going to start to ha
Feb 12, 2013 4:30am EST
around the world are still reeling from monday's surprise announcement from the vatican. pope benedict xvi is resigning at the end of the month. >> the pontiff said his advanced age and poor health are what forced him to step down. derek mcginty has more on what this means for his followers. >> reporter: for the last six centuries, the catholic church chose a new pope as it also mourned the death of the old one. but not this time. at 85 years old, pope benedict xvi issued his stunning retirement notice saying in part, i have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me. >> in centuries past, popes died at their job. now medicine has the ability to keep people going physically a lot longer than they may have the strength to do what is the most grueling jobs in the world. >> reporter: "u.s.a. today" reporter kathy grossman says with the pope stepping down at the end of the month, itself college of cardinals -- the college of cardinals is already lining up possible successors. the church will now be looking for a new pope with perhaps a combination of
Feb 13, 2013 4:30am EST
making news right now. we're learning more about the health of pope benedict xvi. the vatican revealed the pope has a pacemaker. he had it before he became the pope in 2005, but on monday the pontiff said he's resigning because he doesn't have the strength of mind or body to fulfill his ministry. the vatican has not announced when the conclave to elect a new pope is going to get started but a new pope is expected to be in place by easter sunday gz today we hear from the mother of an alabama boy snatched off his school bus and held hostage in a bunker for a week. ethan gillman was finally rescued last month. the f.b.i. stormed the bunker, grabbed him and killed his captor. ethan's here says she has noticed changes in her son since he's returned. >> i know he's having a very hard time sleeping soundly. he slings his arms and tosses and turns. he's cried out a few times. >> watch dr. phil today to hear more from ethan's mom. she describes what the ordeal was like for her. that interview is on wusa9 at 4:00. >>> an asteroid the size of an olympic swimming pool is going to pass by the earth
Feb 15, 2013 4:30am EST
. >> they opted for the lump sum, hefty $136 million after taxes. earlier this week pope benedict xvi announced he's leaving the papacy because of his health. coming up in the 5:00 hour, find out what the pontiff plans to do once he leaves at the end of this month. >>> it is 4:54. time for the question of the morning. there's a new survey out that says this is the most romantic movie of all time. >> what is it? a, pretty woman, b, casablanca, or c, titanic? give us some thoughts. post your answers on our facebook fan page. we'll share some of your responses in about 30 minutes. >>> welcome back. 4:56. no icy problems except maybe on your windshield a. mild day. we'll make it up into the mid- 50s but late this afternoon, we have rain showers moving in. it's going to change to a little bit of snow shower activity overnight as much colder air moves in for the weekend. so get ready for that. get ready for that commute also. here's monika with more. >>> looks like there maybe an accident on the northbound side of 395 north of glebe road beyond this camera shot. watch out for two lanes blocked on the no
Feb 26, 2013 4:30am EST
stepping down as pope, pope benedict xvi has changed some important rules. cardinals will be allowed to gather earlier to select a successor. they will not have to wait 15 days after the pontiff retires on thursday. they want to select a new pope in time for easter week. >>> 4:35 now. today marks the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of trayvon martin. the teen was gunned down in central florida as he was walking to his father's fiance's home. the manual accused of killing him -- the man accused of killing him goes on defense trial but he says it's self- defense. >>> stocks dropping like a lead ball because of what's going on in italy. >> yahoo employees are told to come to work or get out. >> we'll have a dry morning commute. then things go downhill. howard will have the timeline and his weather first forecast >>> welcome back. 4:38. we have a dry morning for you. pack the rain gear and the patience because the ride home is going to be wet. it could be rather slow. we'll get into the mid-40s today. going to be some sleet and freezing rain in the mountains out west, especial
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5